Terms of service

OnlineAdviser support is based on the following Terms of Service. Use of OnlineAdviser service is not permitted without your prior acceptance of these Terms of Service. Your use of any OnlineAdviser service presumes that you have read, understand and accept these Terms of Service.

Best efforts. OnlineAdviser service is offered on a "best efforts basis". Information provided is based on sources believed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed.

Fee. OnlineAdviser and OnlineNavigator service is available without charge subject to availibility and these other terms of service.

Disclosure of Paid Endorsements. The adviser is compensated for endorsing products and services and for referring a member to a third party.

Limitations. This is a limited scope service meant to provide fast easy access to professional advice without the need for the formalities or expense that typically accompany professional advisory services. Services are limited and available at the discretion of the adviser. Members of sponsoring employers or business associations receive priority treatment and may be entitled to expanded services by specific agreement.

Warranty. No warranty is offered in connection with this service. Specifically, the adviser does not offer assurance that you will be satisfied with the information we provide or the financial products or services that are offered or available to you.

Refund. By agreeing to use this limited scope service, you agree that your recourse is limited to return of the fee paid, if any, for this service.

Opinion. Advice offered is only the personal opinion of the adviser. The adviser does not have the authority to speak for any other person, regulatory agency, government, plan sponsor or company.

Authority. This is a supplemental support service and not a primary source or authority of any financial transaction, product or service. In the event of a conflict between the information provided by OnlineAdviser and any other contract, published material, account agreement or policy, the other material or policy will always prevail.

Dispute Resolution. Any disputes arising from OnlineAdviser service will be arbitrated under the terms of the dispute resolution procedures of the Better Business Bureau including binding arbitration. By agreeing to these Term of Service, the parties acknowledge in advance that they give up certain rights to bring a complaint in the civil courts.