About OnlineAdviser service

OnlineAdviser service was established in 1997 by Freedom Benefits Association to help answer individual employee's questions about employee benefits. Since then the service was expanded to serve a wider range of consumer finance questions. OnlineAdviser has responded to more than 50,000 user inquiries from every part of the U.S. through the Freedom Benefits network and of about 40 other Web sites that handle online financial transactions. A parallel service called OnlineNavigator was established in 2010 to provide a similar independent service to the users of the various state and federal  insurance exchanges.

OnlineAdviser is the project of Tony Novak, an accountant based in Philadelphia. Novak is the founder of Freedom Benefits and was the developer of MedSave, one of the nation's first online health insurance exchanges and was recognized as an authority in the development of Health Savings Accounts and consumer-driven benefit plans. Novak has been a consumer finance advocate and an active speaker/writer for more than 25 years.

Novak is the primary adviser on this Web site but others also contribute during periods of peak demand. The other advisers are typically volunteers employed in the financial service industry or a health care profession; their contributions are anonymous.