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Individual Users

OnlineAdviser offers limited support for personal finance issues subject to the terms of service.

We focus on providing support for online financial transactions including those conducted through mobile devices. Limited free service may available by text/chat or email. Paid service is available by telephone and pre-scheduled appointments. The adviser solely determines what services are provided free and which requires a paid consultation. This determination is made primarily on the basis of the complexity of the issue being considered: advice on simple questions are typically offered for free in writing while more complex issues are best addressed through a paid and planned discussion.

My Freedom Benefits Members

OnlineAdviser service for members of "My Freedom Benefits" program is governed by terms of your association's member benefit agreement, customized to meet the most common needs of the association's members. Telephone and Skype service is typically available on request.

check status of a request HEALTH PLANS: OnlineNavigator.org now offers insurance exchange support - a new independent support service for health reform issues and the health insurance exchange for those who want personal professional and independent help with selecting a health plan.

check status of a request RETIREMENT PLANNING: Download a Department of Labor retirement planning guide - valuable information to help get started with retirement planning.